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Phytopod Hydro Modular

Phytopod®  Vertical Gardening Containers are an easy and inexpensive new way to enjoy a REAL garden in limited space! Grow salad greens, vegetables, fruits, herbs or flowers on your balcony, patio or rooftop and now-- INDOORS with our new line of easy plug-n-play hydroponic systems! 

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The Phytopod story....

Phytopods have been winning best product in show at Green Festivals around the country! Watch this exciting youtube interview  with Dr. Blyden to learn the basics about the Phytopod vertical gardening containers...



Phytopods come in a box as an easy to assemble DIY kit.  All you need is potting mix and seedling plants that you can buy from you local garden store or farmers market. If you are a seasoned gardener, you can grow you own seedlings from seeds. You can give the gift of a garden to anyone by simply ordering the model of your choice on our website! We can ship worldwide. When the box arrives, it takes just a couple of hours to set up and plant a Phytopod vertical garden that will give you months and months of gardening pleasure and fresh green produce -- even in the smallest of spaces!



Phytopod in the kitchen

Move your gardening indoors and have fresh herbs and salad greens all winter long! Our new modular hydroponic Phytopods® come with everything you need to grow a vertical garden in your apartment, condo or Town home! 

Phytopodâ„¢-2 Hydro Hydroponic Vertical Garden Planter


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Phytopods were chosen Best Product at New York Green Festival 2012 by Inhabitat!  Visit the Inhabitat website to read about us...

Do you live in the New York City area? Join our Phytopod Vertical Gardeners Meet Up group and learn about vertical gardening this Spring!

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